View Full Version : New to clams

03/27/2017, 10:57 AM
Hello all. I have a biocube 29 with an Aurora puck. Tank has been running for over a year now and I'm interested in adding a clam. I have two concerns. First, I've never had a clam before. I've been researching care, and it seems, just like most coral, steady parameters and good light is pretty much all that is needed. But, there are always things to keep in mind. Secondly, sizing. This is not a big tank, and from what I've seen, most "beginner" clams can get quite large, or at least large enough that the tank might not support it. I will not buy anything that can outgrow the tank. Is there a good, small, beginner clam I could look at?

03/27/2017, 11:08 AM

Deresa or squamosa will be your clam of choice. Carve out a 6" place for it. When it gets big, move it on and get another one. You will need a good dosing strategy - clams use a lot when growing. You don't need to be the only host of this specimen - there are smart and responsible ways to be a first owner - if you are willing to give it away for free to the best home, rather than selling it to a lesser home, then go for it. If you are firm on being the only owner, then there are really no clams that will work.