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03/31/2017, 10:22 AM
We have a decent sized (about 20 heads) acan micromussa in our tank, have had it for about a year now with no issues - polyps always fully inflated, eats plenty when we spot feed, nice colouration - until recently where the polyps in the middle are not opening out at all and they have some white stringy tissue on them. Have tried moving it around in the tank to area of lower flow and lower light, no change. Also tried dipping in 'Revive' with no change. There is a ring of happy, open heads around the edge which appear to be doing fine which just makes things weirder to me!!
Our parameters are all stable at: Ca 450, Mg 1500, Alk 156, Phos 0.03, Nit 5, SG 1.025, T 24.9, ammonia 0, pH 8.1. Could the high Mg be a factor? Don't know why its so high as we're not dosing, just done a large water change to try and rebalance it a bit. We also have a major hair algae problem we're trying to fix - would the algae impact on the acan at all?? All other corals including multiple other acans, sps, softies are fine as are all our critters and fish. Any suggestions?? Could it have an infection??

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03/31/2017, 03:20 PM
my acans get out of sorts if my tank experiences alkalinity swing. Try to keep it constant or in a narrow range.