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04/01/2017, 08:27 PM
This will be my first salt tank. I want to kind of keep track as I go. I would imagine I am months away from buying a fish but I don't want to go too fast and jeopardize a crash or waste a bunch of money. Here is where I am at so far.
200 gallon tang for DT.
55 gallon tank I am converting into a refugium/sump
2000 gph (almost) return pump
Reef Octopus 250int protein skimmer
Alot of patients and very little money (lol)

I will post pics as I go

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04/01/2017, 08:35 PM

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04/02/2017, 04:24 AM
having the return so close to the skimmer may add micro bubbles to the DT from the skimmers outlet. may be better to have the return and fuge reversed.

04/02/2017, 11:15 AM
Looks awesome, wish i could find a cheap bigger tank around my area. From what ive read and seen over the few years i have been tracking this hobby, i agree with darth, try switching your return and refugium around. Micro bubbles will happen that close to the skimmer, its just a common occurrence.

But damn, it looks like youll have success if you stay with it and practice that patience thing!

04/02/2017, 03:28 PM
Looks good

04/21/2018, 11:34 AM
A year later... slow still. Not up yet. I paused and put a smaller tank up to satisfy the itch. But I still have goals.

Floor brace done.
150 lbs of reef saver purchased
100 lbs of substrate.
Various pumps and powerheads and heaters purchased

Still needed...
Rebuild stand.
buy lights
Lots of other little thingshttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180421/568e4166b10a9307d2e35782ed9166a4.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180421/5878b761b94b701e0ce1bb38f0d7d0df.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180421/dd8ca7b43f09114367a305a3621f6e50.jpghttps://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180421/fbe156b8c6734e7aef410b31bec80dc0.jpg