View Full Version : Holes in my Wall Hammer?

04/02/2017, 03:43 PM
Hi, I recently had a torch with brown jelly. I had removed that torch before I introduced this wall hammer. It hasn't fully extended yet(although I just got it yesterday). It looked good to me when i purchased it at reef currents 2017 in Houston. I noticed these 2 holes in it this morning when I fed my fish. Also I noticed that some on the back part looks to be dead. I think I got a good deal for it at 80 bucks. I also purchased a frogspawn from the same guy that looks awesome and fully extended within 30-45 minutes of putting it in my tank. Am wondering if I should try to cut the infected part off or leave it. Thanks!

Current tank info:
IM Nuvo 30L
2 galaxyhydro 165 watt LEDs
2 Sicce voyager nanos

04/07/2017, 08:19 AM
Can't see the wall hammer in that pic, let alone the holes.