View Full Version : Suggestions on settings/height of Photon V2 32 with a 45 Breeder?

04/03/2017, 02:12 PM
Hi all

Current have a Phone V2 32 inch on our 45 Gallon Breeder measuring 36 x 13 x 24. Hung on the middle position of the included metal arms.

Everything seems to be doing well but I wanted to run it by you guys. Should it be hung higher or lower, since our tank is so tall?

We are following the suggested settings posted on reef breeders site. 30% max on all channels, and adding about 10%. We have NOT upped by 10% yet since everything appears to be doing well. We currently have hammer and torch corals which are in the middle. We just added a ZOA frag, also put roughly dead center (up and down).

Any experience or suggestions is appreciated. If you have a similar setup, feel free to post your settings.

Thanks everyone!

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz6JUApK3yI&feature=youtu.be


04/03/2017, 05:49 PM
Looks good so far! I would stay where you are until you have the tank stocked with a dozen or so frags, then slowly bump the intensity up.

04/08/2017, 01:01 AM
Not sure how tall the mid position is on the legs as I cut most of mine off, but I do have that same light with a 40b, so I would say 5-7in off the water, mine is around 7-8in and my peak intensity is 15 10 50 20 50 50. I would take along time getting there (3% per week not 10%) and if you do not have any SPS plans you can run much lower intensity these light def are powerful. Your tank is also deeper than mine so the higher intensity may be good to get a good level on your sand bed.

I have no idea the par im getting may need to borrow a meter just to see but my corals are looking good!

Ron Reefman
04/08/2017, 06:48 AM
My tank is a bit bigger than yours, 125g (60"x24"x20") and I have a 50" V2 fixture 10" off the water.

But my tank is shallower than yours, and my fixture is higher off the water than yours. The sum of those two points is, that my PAR is probably a bit more than yours would be. The 4" of extra water you have blocks more PAR than the extra 6" extra air I have. BTW, I do have a PAR meter and I do know how much light my corals are getting (within the PAR meter specs).

My tanks is full of sps and lps along with a few softies and zoas. I run my 4 hour midday at 40% white, 90% on both blues channels and 50% violet. I don't use the red or green. And I have some sps frags and an lps frogspawn colony at the top of the rockscape which is only 3" to 4" below the water surface and at the back edge of the fixture.

I don't think you are anywhere close to having issues with too much light when you start adding corals. But Logan is right, your tank looks good and I wouldn't start raising power levels until you have some corals. Also remember that zoas and soft corals need less light than the sps in my tank. I don't see any issue with bumping up power levels by 10% points (say from 20% to 30%) every week or two. That's not a big change as the coral is not even close to being stressed. That 10% increase from 80% to 90% would be a big change as the corals are close to bleaching at 80%.

Most of my colonies came from my 180g tank that sprang a big leak. It had a Photon V1 over it. But 1/2 or more of the corals in the new tank came from friends in my local aquarium club and a big auction in the club as well. All the new corals have been frags, no colonies, and most have been on the small side. I have not lost a single coral over the last 7 months, since the new tank was set up and the Photon V2 was added. This pic is from about a month ago.

http://i395.photobucket.com/albums/pp37/RonReefman/FTS%20Feb%2023%202017%20R3_zpslblrrnhb.jpg (http://s395.photobucket.com/user/RonReefman/media/FTS%20Feb%2023%202017%20R3_zpslblrrnhb.jpg.html)