View Full Version : Biocube 14 build

04/06/2017, 06:48 PM
I've had my biocube 14 now for a year now which has only had one fish in it for a year now,so the tank itself is a mature tank.I'm wanting to start adding corals and turn this into a mixed reef with mainly softies,and a cpl lps.Tonight I'm adding some xenias which I know grows like a weed but I like it.I'm open to suggestions.So far I've added another fish ,so now I have a blue damsel,and 4 striped damsel,and a peppermint shrimp,one gigantic hermit,assortment of snails.I'm starting research on adding a blue tipped anemone.I open to any ideas .I've been in the hobby for about a year and 6 months (two tanks).

09/20/2017, 11:51 PM
Wow since April and im back on looking at my own thread,lol its lonely In here.anyhow that tank was taken down and I was actuallyselling this tank in let go......after a cpl pathetic offers of about 25 bucks I took it off listing and started it bac up again and doing it right and loving it! well Brian ill be back to respond to our thread in afew months and respond to myself again,lol.either my tank was that boring or the biocube isnt a sexy build or something???? Maybe someone will actually respond out of pity,lol I love sarcasm.you can be an *** and sound polite doing it,lo