View Full Version : Macro Light and sump design

04/07/2017, 09:37 AM
What Is the best light to use for growing macros. I am going to plant some in my sump. I have an are that is 36 long by24 wide by 20 deep. it is full of rock and sand at the moment. my thoughts are to make a divider that goes the length of the section to make it into 2 sections that are 36' long and 12" wide. so I can grow chaeto in one section and other macros in the other. if you all see a problem with that please let me know.

I also need to know what light I should be using to grow the macros the best.

I was thinking about this one: https://www.amazon.com/VIPARSPECTRA-...MEGCVR946BZ9H7

thanks for the help

Michael Hoaster
04/08/2017, 12:34 AM
Sounds like a cool idea. I can't recommend a fixture, but I'd suggest you get something 'reef bright', but not too blue. 5000-6500K is good.

04/08/2017, 09:46 PM
Red 660nm, and possibly some blue 430nm, are the best for growing. Maybe not for viewing, but for growing.