View Full Version : Linckia issues

04/07/2017, 10:19 PM
So I added a blue linckia star fish 2 weeks ago:
1st week it went hiding, I almost though it perished.
2nd week he started coming out and sticking to the glass walls apparently eating the algae film...
Now past 3 days it is stuck to one spot opposite high flow and hasn't moved.
I think something is going on.
I feel it has shrunken a little.
On the back of the body I see some 'guts' coming out.....
And today I noticed multiple 4-6 small tiny sub millimeter 'pest' blue in color attached to the hands of the starfish. I do now know what parasite it is.
See pics below... tried to magnify it with iPhone. So please bear with me.
What do you guys think is going on?

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