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04/09/2017, 03:17 PM
I have 2 forest fire digi"s . Both are kinda pail , little growth and no polyp extension. They are in a 65 gallon tank , with an ati 6 bulb fixture and are about half way up the tank. Any help or info would be appreciated .

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04/10/2017, 10:43 AM
Check this out.



04/11/2017, 05:42 AM
While i don't have forest fire, I do have an orange and a green digi.
I'm running 6 bulb T5's, 4 blue+, 1 purple+, 1 coral+.
Grew the orange from a 2" frag.
I have it as high as I can, and it still reaches for the light.
The green seemed to like mid tank level best.
Post a picture of yours.
Has it browned out or bleached?
If it's browned out, you've got water quality issues.
I doubt it's bleached.
What are your ca, kg & mg?
How old are your bulbs?

04/11/2017, 05:43 AM
Picture of the green.

04/11/2017, 06:31 AM
Not bleeched , not brown. I maybe I'll try putting it higher in tank. It does have white tips and does grow... just very very slowly

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04/11/2017, 01:56 PM
Mine prefers lower, bluer light. White light fades the green.

04/18/2017, 02:17 PM
Mine prefers lower, bluer light. White light fades the green.

+1... I had to move mine down in the tank because it was losing color. Should only move a coral up in the tank when it starts to brown up. Moving it up could cause it to bleach or worse RTN