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Nano Houston
04/11/2017, 08:23 PM
So I have had my fluval 5 gallon and a cube 4 gallon for some time now. I accidentally drunkenly killed off my livestock one day in Austin, by leaving my AC running at 50 degrees.

After lurking on this site for sometime and seeing all the pretty builds and diy projects. I decided to try my hand at an original project.

My CUC and live rock had survived.


My goal was to build a custom library for my office and envelope my desk with a FOWLR nano and a small island reef nano.


I dropped about $150 into this library build. Unfortunately my first design and the way I truly wanted to do it would have doubled the cost. (my wife was due home in 3 days) Orginally I wanted to hide all the tank plumbing into a 1-1/2 galvanized pipe. I had to settle for 1/2 galvanized and then added a mixture of Velcro-ed flex pipe and pvc.


Then the scary fun part of watchign you tube videos on how to diy drill your tank. Honestly was not that difficult. Drilled the two tanks and installed a 3/4 bulkhead into both.



My LFS had an awesome sump/refug for resale. Then I watched a few videos on how to create my own mechanical filtration. Carbon and scrubbers with my hand made crate.



My live sand and live rock went in! LFS sold me a tiny ball of Chaeto for $5. (flash forward I'm glad to see its grown so much)

So here it is all put together. (one beta then alpha)




Nano Houston
04/11/2017, 08:23 PM
Here is the nano reef island so far. ( I put the camera behind sunglasses to cut down on the blue. It really does pop irl)



Nano Houston
04/11/2017, 08:25 PM
I am open for suggestions for stocking the fowlr tank above the monitor, now that cycling has been completed. Also I am having some bubbles from my gravity cycle down to the desk tank. So I am open for suggestions for that also.