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04/12/2017, 01:31 PM
Well, I sold my 60 cube in preparation for the Feb. 2018 10'x36"x24" build. I went an entire night without my tank and said, nope, I can not go that long without a tank of some sort. Sold all of my higher end parts over the last week here. I am building a 32 gallon cube with my 13 year old daughter (she is doing all of the work, I am just there should she need me), she got it for xmas (yes, I know that was 4 months ago, bad dad!). So when I build the big tank, I am going to give this tank to my then 11 year old daughter. I am setting this one up in my office.

Item Purchased 4/12/17
1. Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon
2. Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix HD White
3. Aqua Illumination HMS Single Arm Kit
4. Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Jr. with Display
5. InTank Innovative Marine Fusion Lagoon 25 basket x 1
6. Innovative Marine Spin Stream nozzle x 2
7. Sicce Micra Plus Pump (upgrade IM pump)
8. Cobalt Aquatics 50 Watt Neo-Therm Heater
9. Tunze 9001 Skimmer

Items I already have
1. MP10wQD
2. Neptune Auto Fish Feeder
3. Neptune PM1
4. Neptune Lab Grade pH probe
5. Tunze ATO

Items I need to buy
1. Sand
2. Rock

I think that is all, I will put up some photos as things start to come in, I think with BRS that tank won't get in until Monday. Most of the other stuff by Friday, so this will happen quickly.

04/12/2017, 03:23 PM
exciting :D

04/12/2017, 04:09 PM
exciting :D

I didn't think I would be so excited about a 25 gallon tank haha..:bounce3:

04/13/2017, 12:13 PM
Just got a note from UPS this has been delivered.
Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix HD White
Aqua Illumination HMS Single Arm Kit
Sicce Micra Plus Pump (upgrade IM pump)
Cobalt Aquatics 50 Watt Neo-Therm Heater

Will be delivered tomorrow (Saturday)
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Jr. with Display
Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon
Innovative Marine Spin Stream nozzle x 2

Doesn't ship until the 18th :(
Tunze 9001 Skimmer

Items I am picking up Saturday

As I was typing this I got an email from inTank - Just shipped
inTank Universal Surface Skimmer x 2
Innovative Marine Fusion Nano/Lagoon/Peninsula Media Basket x bought 2 instead of 1

04/13/2017, 01:19 PM
Thats a nice looking tank. Looking forward to your build.

04/14/2017, 04:26 AM
Following! This is the tank I am wanting to build! Interested to see how you like that light on tank. Been thinking about the 26 or the XR15. Ready to see some pics of your build once you get everything in.

04/14/2017, 07:38 AM
I hooked up the 26 on my 20L that is holding my 3 fish from breaking down the 60.

All I can say is WOW, I am shocked how powerful this thing is, how great it looks, and the fact I can use my cellphone to set it up. It took me all of 3 minutes to set everything up. I can't say that about the XR30 Gen 4 Pro I sold. (nothing against the 4 pro, that is on another level compared to this), but it was nice to set it up in 3 minutes.

I think the tank was rescheduled for Monday, not sure why, but its now not coming sat. :(

We have a reef club frag swap this weekend with a lot of vendors, so I am going to buy some corals for both my 25 lagoon and my daughters 32 (finally got water in that last night).

Also hope to pickup some good clean live rock too. I have a tub I can put a couple T5's over and a HOB skimmer I can toss on it for a few days for the 25L

04/14/2017, 10:54 AM
I am excited for you...following along.

04/14/2017, 11:27 AM
Which reef club is doing the frag swap?

04/15/2017, 09:43 PM
Lagoons are really neat, especially when they are set up to really be a lagoon (protruding rock, etc).

04/17/2017, 09:49 AM
Which reef club is doing the frag swap?

Atlanta Reef Club

04/18/2017, 06:45 PM
Decided to go against the 9001, I went ahead and picked up at Ghost Desktop. If it runs even at 50% efficiency, I will be ok. I have such a small bio-load I should be fine.

Installed the Apex Jr., picked up an eb8, the 4 wasn't enough and another eb4 didn't make sense for such a small difference to go with eb8 so I did. I will be running, WXM, PM1, and VDM off of it. I will be picking up a GHL 2.1 SA 4 pump doser this week. I will be dosing Ca/Mg and KH, and maybe 2 ZEOvit products, not 100% sure on the other 2 pumps.

She is filling up with water now. I will also be running Chemi-Pure Blue, Chemi-Pure Elite, and Continuum exxous-Nitryx. I picked up 2 awesome pieces of rock and that is all I will use. I am going to seed it with 2 other pieces that have been in my 20L holding tank but those will be removed in a month. I am also considering running 4 red mangroves and sticking 1 of the pieces of rock out of the water and run a true lagoon, but not 100% sure on that.

Temp pump to help mix the salt. I have the MP10wQD on the 20L holding tank, that will come here, I may end up picking up another MP10wQD (stupidly sold my 2nd one last week lol), but 1 may be enough.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/430F1772-1F79-4A7F-AF40-F9A30AAE04C5_zpscaodjf90.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/430F1772-1F79-4A7F-AF40-F9A30AAE04C5_zpscaodjf90.jpg.html)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/0DE03B6C-7AFB-44BA-A003-558DA5DBF336_zpsj2drjrhq.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/0DE03B6C-7AFB-44BA-A003-558DA5DBF336_zpsj2drjrhq.jpg.html)

upgraded sicce pump
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/65C92288-102D-4371-8B2E-C91CD478E883_zpsjzudj9zt.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/65C92288-102D-4371-8B2E-C91CD478E883_zpsjzudj9zt.jpg.html)

skimmer and 2nd inTank basket

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/0C48DF9C-E3C8-4FEF-9531-F9901203373B_zps5rmkpesx.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/0C48DF9C-E3C8-4FEF-9531-F9901203373B_zps5rmkpesx.jpg.html)

my temp apex board

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/7CD71961-5302-412F-9AB7-DF2C9A4E0929_zpsyuh33tmc.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/7CD71961-5302-412F-9AB7-DF2C9A4E0929_zpsyuh33tmc.jpg.html)

waiting to be hooked up the VDM and WXM are in a box somewhere, I need to find them.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/04DD054E-2E5A-4572-AB91-FD6F5299F280_zps0qvp1kie.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/04DD054E-2E5A-4572-AB91-FD6F5299F280_zps0qvp1kie.jpg.html)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/64489BF6-EEDF-4B27-B673-36D3441672D3_zpskdppiftx.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/64489BF6-EEDF-4B27-B673-36D3441672D3_zpskdppiftx.jpg.html)

04/18/2017, 06:50 PM
Picked up 7 corals from Jason Fox he was at our local frag swap
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/C4EDDBFC-FFC8-42AC-B61A-1951135822A7_zpsudpn6wzn.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/C4EDDBFC-FFC8-42AC-B61A-1951135822A7_zpsudpn6wzn.jpg.html)

in holding
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/3E9E9CAD-2805-416B-BFF5-274A21F2D0E1_zpsxwom1tct.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/3E9E9CAD-2805-416B-BFF5-274A21F2D0E1_zpsxwom1tct.jpg.html)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/7AB50569-1D4F-4E66-9EF2-F51589A0C7BC_zpsnraxntmo.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/7AB50569-1D4F-4E66-9EF2-F51589A0C7BC_zpsnraxntmo.jpg.html)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/5FE54FE3-F9A8-4CB4-B4DA-2BD60CFF707A_zpsgbdbptjm.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/5FE54FE3-F9A8-4CB4-B4DA-2BD60CFF707A_zpsgbdbptjm.jpg.html)

Please forgive the mess. I am switching my current office with the play room upstairs, the girls wanted this room instead, I went from 14x14 to 24x14 so I am ok with it lol. This is before I hung the AI26HD and added some baskets for the corals I picked up. GGMU

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v259/reeftechie/27%20lagoon/169E8650-7EF5-4757-8E15-D8A4FCB77710_zpswp4ebfii.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/reeftechie/media/27%20lagoon/169E8650-7EF5-4757-8E15-D8A4FCB77710_zpswp4ebfii.jpg.html)

04/18/2017, 06:59 PM
I have a breakout box, would you run a Tunze ATO, or let the Apex Jr. run the ATO, I have 3 spare float switches, I can put a fail safe, i.e. if the first one fails, this is the oh crap water level.


04/18/2017, 07:59 PM
I run just one float switch and set up a virtual outlet to shut the pump off at 3 minutes if the float ever get stuck. I have a tunze ato but I think the apex is just as good or better. BTW nice set up

04/18/2017, 08:20 PM
I run just one float switch and set up a virtual outlet to shut the pump off at 3 minutes if the float ever get stuck. I have a tunze ato but I think the apex is just as good or better. BTW nice set up

Thank you very much! I will run with the APEX, I might as well, I already have it and I can use my Tunze on on my daughters tank.

Thank you for your input!

01/13/2018, 11:46 PM
Any update?

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01/17/2018, 12:16 PM
Love it

01/24/2018, 05:52 AM
What skimmer did you end up with??
And how about the spin stream nozzles - do you think that they improve the return flow?? :)

01/29/2018, 07:06 PM
Really like the idea of building a tank with my kid! Maybe in a few years when they get a bit older and can understand.