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04/12/2017, 01:38 PM
I currently run 2 x XR15w pro (gen3) in my Redsea Reefer 250, 35.5" long, 21" deep, 20" wide. The two XR15 are mounted using RMS arms, spaced equally.

I recently acquired another xr15 gen 3 to supplement the light in my sps dominated tank. I plan to mount the new radion in the centre, and move the other lights out a bit from their current position, so that all three lights will be spaced equally. I am using the 120 deg lens on all lights and i keep most of my sps on a 7 to 10" shelf below the water.

The current lights are running the SPS ab + program, at 70% intensity....Because in reeflink, you have to set all the lights to the same intensity, when i add the new light and keep intensity at 70%, i am thinking this will increase PAR levels, which can shock the corals. So i was thinking of dialling back the intensity on all three lights to compensate... but how much do i need to dial the intensity to keep par levels the same.

My naive guess would be to cut down the intensity by 1/3rd (because i am adding a third light). So add the new light and set all three to 46% intensity.
does that sound reasonable. I do have a par meter that i can use to double check par levels before or after, but i wanted to see if my guess is correct.

I also have another option. i have an apex with the wxm module, which does allow for individual control over each light. So i can put the third light in the middle, but set it to run at a very low intensity (10 to 20%), and slowly ramp it up to 70%

I hope that the Radion experts around will chime in about the best way to add lights to an existing tanks without upsetting corals.

thanks for your help and advice!

04/12/2017, 08:34 PM
Why don't you cut the intensity a bit and then set to acclimate back to where you are over 6 weeks?

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04/13/2017, 06:20 AM
That sounds sensible D

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