View Full Version : Flow upgrade question help, please?

04/13/2017, 10:29 AM
I have a standard 75 fowlr right now with two 6045's. I would like to create a euphyllia dominant reef, no SPS.

Am I good with two 6045's, should I just add one or maybe two new 6045's (lot cheaper the two new 6055's), or just buy two new 6055's and sell my 6045's?

I'm thinking I might get better coverage with 3-4 6045's over two 6055's? I'm not that concerned about remote controlabilty.

04/13/2017, 10:47 AM
Years ago I had a 58, which is basically a 3ft long 75, I started with 2 6045's, it wasn't enough and my corals were primarily acanths and leathers so similar needs. I upgraded to 2 6055's and it made a world of difference. The 6045's had just come out and the 6055 wasn't out yet when I had that tank. I really think the best course is 2 6055's or even 2 6095's, the 6095 flow is not higher in velocity, it is more GPH but it is wider and more diffuse and euphyllias still need a reasonable amount of flow, they just don't like high velocity "forceful" flow.