View Full Version : disease help - blue cespitularia rot?

04/14/2017, 09:51 PM
Hi - we have a tank with some soft corals and about two weeks ago I noticed a mushroom sort of just dissolving into itself and now we have a blue cespitularia that started doing the same thing yesterday. (I'll try to get my photo attached)

The only thing new to the tank in the past month are a pair of sand sifting gobies - can't help but wonder if they have dug some sort of bacteria out of the sand bed that is causing this - really hoping to identify what it is so that I can look into solutions.

Hate to pull this guy out of the tank but don't think he is going to make it - two days ago he was fully attached to the plug, open and large - now is is barely attached and the trunk is almost gone.

Any help is appreciated!

04/15/2017, 09:36 PM
Have you checked your parameters since you added to the bio load? Any changes, how deep is your sand bed?

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