View Full Version : New QP Pumps, Jebao Crossflow is Back!!!

04/17/2017, 03:53 PM
NEW Coral Box QP series wavemakers are now in stock! These pumps were redesigned by German engineers for exceptional noise reduction and extended motor life. We have all sizes in stock and ready to ship!

Use the coupon code "reefcentral" this week only for 5% off your order of any QP Wavemaker!



Also, Jecod Crossflow Wavemakers are now back! They have a new and improved motor design and are in stock at our RI warehouse!

Ron Reefman
04/18/2017, 05:45 AM
The Coralbox QP5 and QP9 look like great wavemakers. Given they have close to the same pricing I'd go with the QP9 and it's 40% more flow... then I see the QP9 is 3" long and the QP5 is only 1.5" long!!! Is that accurate? That's crazy small. And the 1300gph max flow is enough to make me rethink my choice. My old Jebao pumps are 4' and my older Hydor Koralia are 5". So 3" is a nice improvement, but 1.5" is great. They should almost disappear in the tank!

Good to see the Crossflow is back as well. Mine have been running very well since you sent me the new motors.

04/18/2017, 10:43 AM
I need to remeasure- I plugged those in when I made the description. They are close in size to the PP-8, and the 5s are close to the 4. I will get more precise measurements up asap.

Ron Reefman
04/19/2017, 04:38 PM
Hey Logan, I want to order a set of the new Coral Box wavemakers, but the size is a determining factor. And the discount ends at the end of this week...