View Full Version : Has my turbo had babies??

04/18/2017, 02:53 PM
Has my turbo had babies??

Hi all,

I have been in the hobby for a year now and hooked  Always found this forum a huge help and final got round to registering with my a new post…. Whoop…whoop….

The research I have done has indicated that it is highly unlikely that my True Mexican Turbo Snails has somehow bread within my tank…. However keen to establish who these literal hitchhikers are on my Turbo….. First I thought I had some kind of mutant snail with irregular growth, however mths down the line I have established that these are fellow snails. P.s. these guys have not once moved always from the turbo and have grown from bumps into this within 3 months.

Any identification would be greatly appreciated as would if these guys are good/bad in my rsm 130.

Ron Reefman
04/18/2017, 05:37 PM
I believe those are limpet snails.

They are good cleaners, but very slow movers. And they can be very difficult to pry loose from the Turbo. They are harmless and good for the tank. I often collect them on bigger pin shells that wash up on the beach here in SW Florida. I also get some small oysters attached to them as well.

04/19/2017, 04:32 AM
Absolutely star, thanks very much. Yep with your direction Id as hoof snails.