View Full Version : AquaForest stops the coralline from growing in our tanks...

04/19/2017, 01:14 PM
Switched my whole system 4 months ago from ESV 2 part to AF 3 part
The coralline just stoped growing and is going away slowly.
I suplemented with Kalk in my ATO it came back for about a week but then stoped again .
My system is 125gl with about 20 sps
Tunze 9430 skimmer
New 8X80W T5 lighting Apex and Apogee par meters (300 to 350 par readings)
lots of Flow 2 Gyres
Good stable parameters: Ca 450 Alk 9.6 Mg 1370
Still no coraline for 4 months
What is happening?
I love the purple rocks and can't seem to have them with this system.
My friend did the same thing as me with his 575gl store display(Led lighting)
and same thing no coralline...
Another friend has a 60gl (Leds)and also no coralline.
What are we doing wrong?:headwally:

04/19/2017, 01:36 PM
No issue on my side.. infact it started to annoys me. I raise my mg to 1450. Grew my coralline algae over 2-3days

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04/19/2017, 02:01 PM
This is a question that's tough to answer. Maybe your system was used to the 2 part you were using and now you switched. Sometimes it takes time for things to settle in.

I believe if you stay the course then things will adapt and your coralline will return. [emoji4]


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04/19/2017, 06:22 PM
I ran Comp 1+ 2+ 3+ for over six months and I had no coralline decline and it just kept on encrusting.

I did scrape it off my back wall several months ago. My wife wanted the black contrast back. Took about three hours and (lol) my arm pits were tore up.

I kinda see coralline like BTA's. Sometimes they bubble and sometimes not.

120reefer is spot on -----------> "This is a question that's tough to answer."

Regards, GoVols