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04/19/2017, 03:33 PM
Ok so i know there is thousands of threads on this and i have been reading for days on end now but if someone could help out i would appreciate it.
Appears i have some dino in my tank. Do not know the species dont have a microscope and even then dont know if i could tell.
Now i think they forst showed up when nutrients got really low.. But nitrients have been high for a while now and they are here. Right now there are none in the display tank but that is because it has had no light over it for a month or so now. But they are vrowing in the connected frag tank.
I have heard many ideas but its all got a little confusing now.
Dino x, metro plex, h2o2 not sure which way to go.
So there are no fishes in the tank right now and my coral load has gone from full blown sps reef to basically a few frags due to a crash that happened shortly after these starting showing up at first. Still have snails etc in tank. Some have died but i dont think from the dino stuff as none have died in frag tank where the majority of dino is right now.

Also does dipping corals kill off the dino to prevent a spread of them between seperate systems?

Any help at all is welcome as this is doing my head in now