View Full Version : New 65 gal Hex w/ cured live rock

04/21/2017, 12:05 PM
Hi, I recently started up a 65 hex tank. I bought 75lbs of cure rock from craigslist. When I picked up the rock it was still in the tank. The live rock was the only thing in the tank and it had not had any lights or other tank mates for several months. When I put the rock in my tank I noticed several polups sprouting up and over the past week they have seemed to sprought up from other places on the rock. I want to keep the polups and add several fish(clown, Gobie and saddleback puffer) over the next month or two. Ive tested the water over the last week and I did get an ammonia reading on the fifth day of .25 I tested it 2 days later and got an ammonia reading of 0 Nitrite 0 and Nitrate of 5-10. Did my tank cycle from the live rock and how do I know if Im ready a fish?