View Full Version : Blue Spotted Toby Puffer Wont Eat

04/23/2017, 06:48 PM
I have had this puffer for about a month and my tank has been acclimated for over 2 months.
Yesterday I noticed my puffer wasnt swimming around, he just hung out on the gravel all day in the rocks and refused to come out. I tried to push him out of the rock and he swam for about 20 seconds and that was the first time i have seen his tail fins fanned out for a split second, then back to the rocks. Today he did the same thing all morning. He has now come out, but is hovering at the top of the tank. He hasnt eaten in 2 days.
We thought maybe it was because his teeth seem big, but we have a ton of rock in the tank he can grind on and a snail that he hasnt had any interest in. This is unlike him, even when he was getting acclimated to my tank he was active and didnt hide.
I am afraid we are losing him and dont know how to help. I have looked for the "stress stripe" but I dont see it. Any ideas what it might be?

04/23/2017, 10:09 PM
That's unfortunate, what is his normal diet ?

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