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04/26/2017, 02:46 AM
i using a fresh live rock to cycle my tank since a last year a december last year, nothing liveform has been seen when the first time i using that live rock at he first month of cycle, then after 3 month, they emerge like flower in summer, from the sand and rock, it"s weird to me as nothing survive in that cycling period as ammonia and nitrite toxicity is really high , some critter in my tank,like these less than 2 inch bristleworm are frequenly crawl on the live rock and sand, and small feather duster are blooming like flower in bright ligth. now my ammonia and nitrite is zero but nitrate is really high cause me to upgrade a larger filter that can fit more media, including nitrate remover algone pack, however, did presence of sea critter like bristleworm, tube feather duster, and aiptasia indicate a healthty and matured system?

equipment : 20 gallon dolphin tank, fluval c4 hang on filter, mini skimmer, 20watt led lighting, mini wavemaker, mini cooling fan, coral sand and 4.5
kg live rock
critter : 2 ocellaris clownfish, 1 yellowtail damsel, 1 turbo snail, 1 linkia purple starfish, 1 small colt coral, and 1 finger leather coral

04/26/2017, 07:05 AM
Not a mature system and bristle worms can be good but they can also get really big, i take mine out would rather not deal with it.

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Sugar Magnolia
04/26/2017, 01:42 PM
Look up images of aphasia to see if it matches what you're seeing on the rocks and in the sand.