View Full Version : NPT adapter usage

04/27/2017, 08:42 AM
Hi All,

I have an Ecotech L1 on a basement sump setup. I have a manifold and about 14 feet of head pressure. I'm using the included blue fittings to connect the pump to my sump and 1 inch return. I also purchased the NPT adapters but didn't use them. I'm getting about 490 gallons per hour at 100% power going to my tank but about 590 with everyone on the manifold turned off. I was told that if I used the NPT adapters, I might be able to get more flow out of the pump. However, when I look at the pump's curve chart, I'm getting really close to what it says I should at my head pressure. I wanted to see what everyone else's experience was on this because I modify my plumbing to use the adapters instead of the blue compression adapters.