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Mark Bianco
04/28/2017, 02:09 PM
Hi Roger and the gang,

Since the flood a while back I gave away all my equipment and have been dry for awhile. Last month someone offered me a running 14 gl Biocube that had been retrofitted with an incandescent aquarium bulb. I took it brought it home and it already had some softies in it. They were surviving, but did't look that good.

A few weeks ago I decided to look for a light upgrade that was not expensive when I came across the 8850 by Tunze but at under a 150.00 I didn't think it would be very good but decided to give it a try.

As with this and all other Tunze products I have owned over the years I am very impressed it fits perfect and being able to adjust the spectrum and intensity simply without an added controller is a plus, not to mention the ability to use it under the water.

I can not believe the difference in the corals in just over a week. I think I will buy a small SPS frag just to see how this light will do with it.

Just wanted to let guys at Tunze know we reefers do appreciate your quality products.


05/01/2017, 09:02 AM

Thank you very much. It should be a very good light for a 14, I would imagine no limits in corals you could keep. We use top shelf Nichia and Phillips LED's in the 8850.