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04/28/2017, 02:42 PM
I'm considering adding a 2016 apex to a dual tank build I'm putting together (display propagation / frag tanks). I'd really like to avoid having to purchase a 2nd 832 power bar if possible and already resigned to keeping my 2 ati 8 bulb fixtures and reefbrites on their own seperate digital timers.

I need 3 outlets for dosers as I run aquaforest and need to stagger the dosing times. Tho to free up a couple outlets I might be open to picking a decent tripple head doser so long as it can be programmed to work as I need it. Maybe even a couple kore 5th units to dose the 9 AF products and handle the ATO as well.

- Return pump will be a various or vertex
- Skimmer is a sro 3000, and will have an avast skimmate locker, maybe a swabbie
- Heater undecided
- Auto top off still undecided, probably a peristaltic pump

For flow I'll have 2 gyre 150s in one tank and a single 130 in another id like controlled through the apex. I think ill need 3 ice cap modules, but am not sure if these require outlets on the 832 or not.

Feed and maintenance modes are very important to me as I'm currently setting up a mixing station with long hoses to make water changes as painless as possible. Any input on what ill need to get this all together would be greatly appreciated.

11/25/2017, 06:11 PM
The Gyres do not need outlets on your 832 if you use the icecap modules.

12/05/2017, 07:21 AM
Why not just pickup a used EB8. They work just fine with the new apex 2016 and are less then half the cost if you can find a used one.

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