View Full Version : Red Sea Max 250 - My first tank

04/28/2017, 05:56 PM
Hi All,

This forum has been very useful to me as a beginner, so first off thank you all. I figured I would give back what I can by sharing my tankís progression throughout the past ~8 months, along with some impressions, and presumably continue this thread into the future as my tank grows. I apologize in advance for the subpar photo quality.

Iíve been interested in this hobby for a couple years and finally decided to dive in as I moved into a new home. I was fortunate enough to get my hands on an inexpensive second hand Red Sea Max 250. Letís hope an all-in-one system will serve me well as a first timer.


(10/05/2016) Moving into a new home, first things first.

(10/21/2016) Introducing first bit of livestock sourced from LFS and friendís tank: three damselfish, small colony of zoas/palys?, red corallimorphria, few frags of red montipora, and a ball of chaetomorpha.
I decided to remove the skimmer in the back sump compartment and convert the area into a refugium by packing it with rock, moving the chaeto there, and peeling off some of the plastic on the exterior backside in order to allow light through from a velcroed on an LED fixture.

(10/29/2016) Algae bloom.