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04/30/2017, 09:26 AM
After trying my hand at SPS, and failing miserably, we're rebooting with a softie/LPS tank, and hopefully as that progresses adding some stylophora, birdsnests and such down the line.

Unlike with the SPS, not rushing out and getting a bunch of frags. Lesson learned.

In the tank right now is a frogspawn, that I am hoping makes a recovery as I'm pretty sure my peppermint shrimp (if it's that) pretty much destroyed, but there's a few extensions stll around and kicking. I'm not overly optimistic, but we'll see. The shrimp has been rehomed to the sump. I have a small favia attached to a rock and thats it beside the 2 clowns.

What I have in mind is some Sinularia, a thick devils hand, some mushrooms, Giant Pom Pom Xenia, some zoa's, torches, frogspawn, some brains, acans...basically get as much color and movement as I can.

Tank details are 60x18x26 120 Long. I have a pair of Gyre XF 150's connected to the apex via icecap, 75lbs of Pukani Rock, about 60lbs of Tropic Eden reef flakes, and for lighting I have a Reef Breeders Photon 48, running at 70B/30W.

Speaking of the light, I'm planning on moving to T5 as I haven't been able to dial in the LED to the right intensity as of yet. if I find that it's working maybe I'll stay with it, but I'm real new to the saltwater game, and I think the plug-n-play on/off T5 would be better for me.

If I go with the T5, will be a 6x54W, with 2 Blue+, 2 actinic, Coral + and Purple + with a blue+ and actinic on as the dusk to dawn (assuming I get an ATI fixture).

For my overflow I have a coast to coast glass overflow running a beananimal drain system into a 40 breeder sump, with 2 compartments. Skimmer/ and return. I run 4" filter sock that I change every 3 days or so. Skimmer is an Aquamaxx EM200, which will be changed this year (around black friday). Love the aquamaxx skimmers and will probably stay there.

Any questions or suggestions, hit me up PM, always willing to get advice, suggestions, or questions.

05/06/2017, 06:16 AM
First corals arrived yesterday from AquaCorals.com in Maine. A blue-Grey branching sinularia, a neon green sinularia, and an ultra neon green hairy aussie toadstool.

The blue-grey definitely doesn't like flow as it was blown over to the sides. I had to lower the gyre pumps to 20%, which is as low as they can go with the icecap controller.

The neon green sinularia absolutely glows under normal lighting. Pretty cool!

The aussie toadstool, probably won't glow unless I have the blues on or I get myself a T5 fixture with some actinics. I probably could do a retrofit, but not something I want to do. Still think at this point, I'm better off getting a normal on/off unit.