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04/30/2017, 01:42 PM
I finally got around to switching out my VHO's from my 12+ year old reef for the Reefbrite blue XHO's. I also have the dual channel inline dimmer, but I can't seem to get the Apex to control the lights. I had to manually turn them on but they did shut off automatically yesterday but t hat may have been the outlet, not the dimmer. Today they didn't even come on and I had to manually turn them on again. I'm not seeing any evidence of dimming.

Lifhts are connected to the dimmer, then the dimmer to two power supplies, and the dimmer controls using the Apex cable is connected to the VarSpd3/4 outlets.

I set up RampUP and RampDown profiles, and programmed VarSpd 3/4 and also the EB8 outlets for power (I know they can go right to the wall).

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?
Is there some way to test the RampUp and RampDown profiles without either being here at the right time or changing the clock time and mucking everything up?

Type: Ramp
Ramp Time: 120 Minutes
Start Intensity: 10%
End Intensity: 80%

Type: Ramp
Ramp Time: 150 Minutes
Start Intensity: 80%
End Intensity: 10%

VarSpd 3/4 outlets:
Fallback OFF
If Time 11:00 to 13:00 Then LEDRMPUP
If Time 13:00 to 22:30 Then ON
If Time 22:30 to 01:00 Then LEDRMPDN

LED Outlets: (Note - I just added the If time...ON statement today when trying to fix things)
Fallback OFF
If Time 10:50 to 01:05 Then ON
If Time 11:00 to 22:30 Then LEDRMPUP
If Time 22:30 to 01:00 Then LEDRMPDN

I used "If Time 11:00 to 22:30 then LEDRMPUP" to keep the intensity at a max of 80% based on what I read in the Comprehensive manual.

04/30/2017, 11:58 PM
Check the connections from the dimmer to the lights. I had this setup and had issues with that connection and it often would make the lights not come back on.

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05/01/2017, 07:49 PM
Thanks, Terence. I checked the connections and they seem tight. Lights came on though I was at work so I'm not sure what time they came on and don't know if they ramped up or not. I'll try to stay awake long enough tonight to see if they dim down. :bigeyes: