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05/02/2017, 07:45 PM
Refugium and Dosing Pump for JBJ 45rl Advice

I am starting a JBJ 45rl tank. Comes with two media baskets. Does anyone have a suggestion or recommendation on modifying into a refugium using the left media basket? Top-middle-bottom? I have ordered the InTank media basket. I will be removing the right side basket and replacing it with two Aquamaxx reactors. One for carbon and the other for ferric oxide.

Should I also add dosing pump? How is the Apex DOS vs the GHL vs Kamoer? should I place the doser in an AIO JBJ 45rl? Bottom cabinet?


05/02/2017, 09:52 PM
Had mine for 6 months after returning from a long break. No dosing unit, i thought about the two reactors but i opted for the bulk reef supply reactors and hung them from bottom. They hold more media and were less expensive.

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