View Full Version : 30 gallon cube reef build

05/03/2017, 09:17 PM
Hi there all. My most recent tank was a rimless 120 cube but due to time constraints this was no longer in the realm of possibility for me to maintain. So I set my eyes on building a smaller cube setup. I settled on a 27 gallon cube for 20$ from a local reefer. I jumped on the chance to grab this cube.

Due to its smaller dimensions (20x20) finding a sump to fit proved difficult. I decided to build the stand a few inches bigger in each direction to fit a sump when the time came. Currently the tank is sumpless however a upgrade is in the very near future.

The stand was built using a two by four frame which was then skinned in pine and a natural clear coat was placed on top to complete the look. Under the stand there is cabinet lighting to allow me a clear view of what I am doing.

Livestock comsists of a breeding pair of Gold Stripe Maroons as well as various frags and cleanup crew.

Very near future plans are to swap this cube out with a 35 gallon cube custom built with a two inch eurobrace and use the old cube for the sump. Pictures to come as the build progresses.

Feel to question away.