View Full Version : Green mashrooms turned brown

05/03/2017, 11:39 PM
I just started with salt water aquarium. I bought an aquarium, and a live rock from a local shop.
I think I have green mushrooms on the rock, but they started to turn brown.
Red one does not look happy too.
May be it is may imagination, because I found few worms in this rock, bristle worms and some unknown other one and I feel that probably I bought a bad live rock. Please, help me to identify this plants - are they really mushrooms? And any ideas why they turn brown?
Here is a picture in the attachment.
Also I see some white surface ( on the top) which is probably sponge? To rock is dying?

Thank you all!
The temperature is 80F.

Michael Hoaster
05/04/2017, 12:44 PM
Welcome to Reef Central, MashkaBukashka!

Yep, those look like mushroom anemones. They are probably suffering in the new tank conditions, but they are hard to kill, so they'll probably bounce back. That does look like an encrusting sponge. No problem there, as they are natural, living filters.

All those worms and stuff are the reason for buying live rock. They will greatly benefit your tank. I'm sure your rock is fine. Give your tank some time and things will settle down. Enjoy!