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05/04/2017, 03:11 PM
Hi guys,

In my first post on the forums, I was trying to decide which tank should be my first.

Well, tomorrow I'm taking the plunge and buying the Aqua Nano 40 from my LFS.

This tank needs modifying so that it is better equipped to care for marine life. While many forum members seem to have successfully modified this tank, I havenít found any posts which explicitly detail how to go about fitting aftermarket (upgraded) parts.

As a complete newbie and fish-keeping dummy, I thought I could use this thread to document this process a little bit more thoroughly. This will include the inevitable setbacks I will experience, having never done anything like this before.

Iím also aiming to do this with a reasonably tight budget in mind.
Hereís what Iím thinking of doing to this tank:

Sealing the hole in the baffle so that the two chambers donít fill simultaneously

Fitting an Eheim 1000 pump and possibly a Kent skimmer

Upgrading the light so that eventually I can keep corals

Suggestions would be much appreciated. Iím hoping that sealing the baffle and adding the pump will be straightforward. Iím aware that Iíll need an elbow shaped piece to fit the pump correctly. (Any ideas where to find this part?)

However, I have no idea what to go with lighting-wise. Iíve been reading about Chinese LEDs and Iím considering it as an option. This caught my attention:


Good idea, or bad idea? Thanks again! :)

05/06/2017, 11:09 PM
Well, after visiting the shop my plans changed.

I decided to keep the stock pump and add a wave maker (Fluval Sea 60l) they were both very straightforward to fit.

The owner of the shop didn't belive the gap in the baffle was problematic... so I'm still in two minds about sealing it. Anyone with experience here, please chime in!

Instead if a Kent skimmer, I came away with an Octo NS-80. This looks like a good bit of kit, but boy did I have a hard time fitting it! I'm not sure if I've done it correctly... would someone be able to help here?

I'll attach a picture shortly. I'm confused because I suspect it might need to sit a little lower in the tank.

05/06/2017, 11:33 PM
Here's my attempt at fitting the skimmer to the tank...


05/06/2017, 11:38 PM
Sorry for hammering this thread. Including a picture in text failed and I can't seem to edit my last post? Here's a link...