View Full Version : Tunze stopped responding to Apex control

05/05/2017, 10:17 AM
I have several Tunze powewrheads controlled by my APEX (new model). They've all been running flawlessly for about 9 months. Recently one of the 6105s stopped running, and did that switch and stutter thing Tunze pumps sometimes do when they need a bath or a power supply goes bad.

However, the pump DOES run if I remove the Apex control. Also, I swapped in a new unusued 6105, and it ALSO failed to run with Apex control. So, the problem is almost certainly with the Apex, not the Tunze.

I have the pump set to vary between 33% power and 100% power on a 6 second cycle, synched with another 6105. It's never worked if set below 33%. Raising 33% to a higher percentage does not make the pump work. Note that it will sometimes work for a little while -- a couple minutes to upwards of an hour -- and then stop working. Again, two seperate Tunzes pumps, using seperate power supplies, showed the same behavior, and both did work without Apex control.

I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions for why the Apex would, after months of controlling the Tunze, stop.