View Full Version : How Many Radions?

05/06/2017, 05:16 PM
Hi guys.
I need to know how many Radiosn G4 Pro do I need for a 120"x36"x36" tnak?

Please let me know.


05/07/2017, 07:43 AM
I have a similar question. My new tank is 72 X 24 X 20. I am currently cycling with live rock and a T-5 lighting system from and older four foot tank. I definately want Radion lighting.

My plans are for mixed reef. It is easy for retailers to say I need three XR30 G-4 pros, and in fact that is what customer support at one of the big on-line retailers told me. Having said that, another expert told me three XR15 G-4 pros would be more than adequate. The difference in price is $2400 versus $1200!! Easy for the retailer to quote the more expensive one.

Everything I read says I am going to turn these down to 50% or so to avoid burning my coral... and my tank is only 20" deep... but I do not want to make a decision I will regret. Anyone have any advice?