View Full Version : Broken firmware update

05/07/2017, 01:44 AM
Hello all from Turkey
First Sorry for my English. :)

I got 3 radion xr30 gen 3 pro and reeflink
I was tring to connect radion to computer with ecosmart connection live manager.
I connected and login to ecosmartlive.com. Added device via usb. While updating firmware, update progress frozen. And now radion is blinkig red and (yellow or white) and buttons are not working.

I connect other radion via usb. And ecosmart.live found the device. but it says update to continue. I'm afraid to update the other ones.

Also i connect reeflink to wireless. But cannot see radions when i say add via wireless. Just see my mp40qd

What can i do now ? Do we have a way to factory reset?

05/08/2017, 07:37 AM
thanks for replies