View Full Version : Tunze CO2 regulator problem

05/11/2017, 11:26 AM
I'm replacing my old 7077/3 tunze CO2 regulator with a new. The new regulator will not screw on the CO2 tank. The old one screws right on and off. The replacement stops like it is trying to cross tread. I sent one back to the vendor thinking it was bad. The replacement is doing the same thing. Any solutions?

05/11/2017, 12:58 PM
Can you post a picture of the part that mates on the bottle? Does the box say 7077/3 A on the bar code label or just 7077/3. They make two threads, CGA for the US and the standard European thread used almost everywhere else.

05/12/2017, 10:53 AM
http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j85/diesel_bucket/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-05/20170512_114216_zpsgc3uyzlj.jpg (http://s78.photobucket.com/user/diesel_bucket/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-05/20170512_114216_zpsgc3uyzlj.jpg.html)

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j85/diesel_bucket/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-05/20170512_114232_zps4gqpnf2o.jpg (http://s78.photobucket.com/user/diesel_bucket/media/Mobile%20Uploads/2017-05/20170512_114232_zps4gqpnf2o.jpg.html)

05/12/2017, 11:38 AM
That definitely looks right, the European thread has a protrusion in the middle of the o ring that inserts into a recess in the bottle so it is very distinct. Is it possible the bottle has an o ring or hard plastic seal ring stuck on it all ready? Do you own the bottle or was it an exchange, maybe the wrong bottle?

05/12/2017, 11:40 AM
FWIW, Even the European thread will thread onto our CGA bottles, it is not that different, it fits looser, it seems to be just a small difference in thread pitch and the way it seals to the bottle.

05/12/2017, 05:10 PM
I'm replacing a tunze regulator with this one. Only one thread catches and stops.

05/15/2017, 08:42 AM
The only way I could no for sure if something is wrong is to get it back and try it on my bottle. The fitting does look correct but the thread is not very different between CGA and the European standard.