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05/11/2017, 05:05 PM
Gentleman, opinions would be greatly appreciated. After having my main tank up and running for a few months now, I am happy to report that I have 0 pests and 0 nuisance algae. I now have a deathly fear of introducing any pests/algae via frags. That brings me to my quarantine setup. I have a 20g setup with a 65w t5 fixture at 17K. I've placed the Frag rack about 16" from the light. 2 days ago I purchased a Blue Lagoon acro, sunset monti and a PPE cyphastrea (btw-what does the PPE stand for?) from WWC. My first issue is the hair algae crowding the corals on their plug. I am not pleased with that. The frags are so small that I really don't want to break them off the plug. Any suggestions? The other fear I have is whether the light has enough power for the acro. They've been in the tank for a little over 24hrs and the acro is not discoloring, but there is absolutely 0 poly extension. How long do I give it in quarantine before I just transfer it to better light in my main tank?

05/12/2017, 08:17 AM
I "think" PPE = Purple People Eater..
Or Personal Protective Equipment but that one doesn't make sense here.. :)

I know nothing about acclimation/quarantine.. I've never used either... yes... Straight up Rebel...

05/12/2017, 03:23 PM
Thanks Mc. I actually cracked up at one of threads I found on a search and you sarcastically commented "I quarantine nothing. No exceptions!"

You have any thoughts on my quarantine light and the acro? If it's sufficient at 16" depth, how long should it take to see some polyp extension? Or discoloration if it's not happy...