View Full Version : Bangaii Cardinal Success.....So far

05/15/2017, 10:24 PM
I purchased two very young bangaiis from petsmart with only a hope I'd end up with a pair. I was lucky to end up with a male and female and soon noticed my male had eggs in his mouth. They only lasted for about a week.

Well - on their second go around I watched, and watched for several weeks as the male continued to raise the eggs. I noticed on the morning of May 12th he had released the fry. Later that day - to my surprise - I found one one baby tucked away in a slow quiet corner of my tank.

He's now going on day 5! Twice a day I've been feeding reef chili with a turkey baster to help direct the food his way. So for now he's surviving... I wish I had better more frequent food source for him, but for now each day that goes by I'm so pleased to see hes made it another day!

Here's a few pictures. In the picture if the two fish, the male is smaller, and the fish in the back.

Mr. Eel
05/16/2017, 08:18 AM
Cool i've heard they are really hard to breed so good luck.