View Full Version : Making a Gyre with a simple closed loop 7 ft tank

05/16/2017, 08:04 AM
I am close to rebooting my 300 gallon tank. After 12 years, the only thing I hate more than scraping the back wall of the tank is maintaining and replacing power heads.

I am contemplating a super simple closed loop. The goal would be to create a continuous gyre - similar to what I get now with my maxspects.

I would have one or two 1.5 inch drains on the right side of the tank. I would put a 1.5 inch return pipe at the top - also on the right, with three or four eductors blowing across the top of the tank from right to left. Thus, creating a continuous counter-clockwise gyre. All this would be hidden in rockwork.

I would use reeflo manta ray. Assuming 15 feet of head pressure from the eductors, this would draw 4,500 gph into the intakes. With accelerated flow at the eductors (4x flow), the circulation would be up to 18,000 gph (60 x turnover), which I could dial down with a single valve at the pump - with a target of around 30x.

FYI - I'm also going Bare Bottom and covering three sides of the tank with rock - to cut maintenance.

Comments??? Advice??