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05/17/2017, 10:30 AM
I have a 9410 for about 3 years. It worked very well with the foam extractor.
Recently I found it not working, and hot to the touch. Took it out and opened the pump to find the impeller glued to the ceramic part of the bushing by precipitate. After a vinegar soak I separated the parts, cleaned them further and re-assembled the parts.
Since then, the pump has been extremely loud with an oscillating (louder then quieter then louder again) noise. I took out again and checked the bushings were seated, reassembled and tried again to have the same thing happening. Repeated and again the same.
The skimmer has been off now for a while. I was going to contact Xenia (I'm in Toronto) to get new bushings but have some questions.

Should I get new bushings only, or get with new impeller, or get a new pump entirely?
If I get a new pump, should I get the DC version? Is the DC version any quieter, since I always wished this skimmer was a little quieter even when it was working well?

Thank you,

05/17/2017, 10:48 AM
Make sure the bushings are inserted in there sockets at the bottom of the pump and impeller cover and are not torn. If they are damaged, then this is the likely culprit and changing them will solve the noise. If the bushings fit loose in the sockets and fall out or do not insert at all, the motor needs to be replaced, this would mean the bushing was dragged and heated and melted the plastic. My general experience is there is only a small noise difference between the AC and DC pumps and that is mainly because the DC pump is typically run at low speed, at higher speeds it is the same noise level but you will usually run it turned down to about 30-40% power. There is a new drive unit for the AC pumps it has a yellow star shaped needle wheel, both are currently in the supply chain as the new one is completely new. It is quieter due to using a weaker ferrite magnet instead of a rare earth magnet, this does increase the power consumption by about 4W, but the weaker magnet results in substantially less vibration.

05/17/2017, 11:06 AM
Hi Roger,

So from what you're saying, the bushings should fit snugly into the holes? The bushing in the deep part of the pump does seem a little loose...that was the one that seized...

Also, a couple quick follow up questions please..I can get my hands on an old 9015 collection cup, would this be a good combo on the 9410 skimmer if I get the DC pump and thus can increase the power to make it up the taller cup?

Also, finally do all the DC pumps come with the new yellow impeller, or no?

Sincere thank you once again,

05/17/2017, 11:41 AM
I just checked the fit of the bushings again. Both seem to fit fairly loosely...I wouldn't say it's a sloppy fit, fairly precise, but slide in and out easy. Is that as it should be?

edit: yup, gave the pump motor and cover a light shake and both bushings fell out.

05/17/2017, 03:31 PM
They should push in tight enough a tool is needed to pull them out. If the red rubber is torn or worn, that alone could be a cause, so it may not be the motor.

The DC pump uses a different needle wheel it is clear/rubbery and has more pins, it does also have the ferrite magnet.