View Full Version : Thinking about going back into it with the Biocube 16!

05/17/2017, 10:51 AM
Hello everyone! It's been a while but I am really thinking about getting back into saltwater tanks. My first tank was the Red Sea Max 65 gal. It was too big so I sold it and downsized to the 35 gal. Had fun with that for a few years, but then didn't have the time (had kids :lmao:) and sold that as well. Now 6 years later, I am really thinking about getting the 16 gal Biocube...my kids will love it!

Couple of questions; I am mainly looking at having 4 to 5 small fish, a lot of inverts (shrimps, crabs, starfish, etc...) and eventually corals.

1) is the Biocube 16 a good All In One tank, or will I spend tons of money modifying it to function correctly?

2) is it easier to maintain a smaller tank? I seemed to have trouble with the RSM 65, and did a little better with the 35, but it wasn't perfect.

3) I read the fans are loud. Can someone who owns the Biocube 16 explain to me how loud?

05/19/2017, 05:29 PM
1. ? My friend always goes with the all in one's and always ends up upgrading something
2. The bigger the tank the easier it will be to keep. Water doesn't change as drastically when water evaporates
3. ? No idea

Good luck! :)