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05/19/2017, 07:18 AM
Hello RC, hoping for some help on an issue I'm having...

I'm currently dealing with pest nudibranchs in my DT. All of my frags were bayer/RX dipped prior to entering the display but I'm guessing I missed some eggs at one point. Everything is being cut above the affected areas, remounted and placed into a frag system where they can be inspected much easier and dipped every few days.

My question is does anyone have experience with how long the fallow period of Monti and Acro needs to be before they can be safety reintroduced back into the tank? I've searched around quite a bit here and other forums but haven't had much luck finding a definitive answer. There is more discussion available online regarding monti nudi's and I'm assuming the same would be true for acro nudi's....General thoughts is 2-3 months does that sound right? Anyone have first hand experience on this?


05/19/2017, 09:36 AM
Aefw life span is about 1 to 2 months. However the Monti nudibranch is much longer than that up to 6 months. When u say acro nudibranch then it's must be a new pest. For both the best way is to remove all acro and dip it every 4 days for a month. Put 1 test piece of Monti back to display and see if any nudibranch will find it. Prefer cap Monti because they can hide underside. For sps its safe after 2 months to put back to main dt

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05/19/2017, 10:40 AM
Yeah I feel special getting acro nudi's. I did find a few sparse posts related to them via searches but there is not nearly as much information as there is on monti nudis. I didn't even know they existed myself until seeing the damage done to the bases of acros, searching at night with a flashlight and actively having to siphon them off. The damage left behind as they feed at night is obvious and I can confirm with certainty. Interesting they seem to prefer smooth skinned & less hairy acros. I've seen them at the base of millepora frags but seem unwilling or unable to consume it as readily.

I tried the dip every few days route, going as far as brushing off the undersides, but a few months later I can't seem to break the cycle. Interesting this seems to have worked for the monti nudi's, as I haven't seem them in almost a month, but the nudi attacking the acros seem more resilient.

6 months sounds like a bummer but if that's what it takes? Anyone else have experience with starving out nudis?

05/20/2017, 04:33 AM
I am curious as to where or who figured out 6 months is the number for monti nudi's. Seems long.

Op what dip are you using on these pests?

05/22/2017, 07:01 AM
I've been using Bayer and Coral RX. Both seem to be effective at stunning the nudi's and making them easily release from the corals. I cannot speak to whether it actually kills them.

Like you I was thinking that six months seemed like a very long time for anything to survive with no food source. I was hoping to find a few people with first hand experience who could offer input. Finally got everything pulled out of the display and re-fragged last night, so the clock starts today.