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05/19/2017, 08:44 AM
Can someone let me know which current (2017) video cams or webcams are working wit their Apex fusion system? I have been checking the threads but most are relatively out of date

I appreciate everyone's help over the past months getting my system going.

05/25/2017, 06:15 AM
tagging along because I too am interested.

05/25/2017, 10:05 AM
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05/29/2017, 07:43 PM
Just did this today.....
Hello All,
Took a stab today at hooking up a D-Link 936L IP Camera to Fusion. So I did tons of research on the model and configurations.
Here is what I found to work the best. Could possibly work with other models......

1: Use this in the URL Settings of Apex Fusion Camera:

http://(Username):Password)@(External IP) : port)/video/mjpg.cgi
Example : [url]http://admin:[email protected]:9191/video/mjpg.cgi

2: Username and Password are set in the DLink Advanced Setup...

3: External IP is your ISP's IP Address, not internally assigned ip router IP for Example (192.... or 10.1.....) Do Not use These!!!

4: Set a Static Ip Addy for the camera in the Dlink Advanced Setup so the internal never changes. Here you do use a local or Just pick an available IP that isn't being used. ( For Example..... Make sure this doesn't conflict with Anything that already grabbed this Router Ip Addy...

5: Set the Local Gateway (Router IP) in Dlink Advanced Setup.

6: Set the Port in Dlink Advanced. I used 9191.

7: Port Forwarding in your Router. Set up a port forward to the static IP that you setup in Dlink Setup and add the port that you used in the Dlink Setup as well....

This worked like a charm for me. The Only down side was the only browser that works with my command line is Mozilla. Chrome, Edge, and IE will not work unless you enter the url in another browser Window open it up, video goes on. Then you can start fusion and video works. Mozilla works without the previous step.

By following these steps you can use either your local or external IP to view your camera locally. Makes more sense to use the External so If you leave your Home Network, you can use the Cam Anywhere.... Also App works flawlessly...

I work in the IT field and thought this could be of help...

Steve Simon

05/30/2017, 09:49 AM
One thing cross my mind, is it safe to pass the userid and password in the open as non secure http and also saved it on the Fusion Cloud?

http://(Username):Password)@(External IP)

Just worry some hacker able to get into your cam and your home network... you know what I mean...