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05/21/2017, 01:01 AM
First off, a big hello to all who stumble upon this post, thanks for stopping by! :beer: I have been lurking for a while, and have found a ton of info that has been very helpful, much appreciated!

A little about me, I am not new to aquaria, having had many tanks in the past, mostly Tanganyika cichlids. I have also dabbled in salt with a 24 gallon cube, which I took down about 12 years ago. That was my last tank, and I am ready to get back into the hobby. As such, I purchased today a drilled 90 with built in overflow, stand and canopy. Going to have it here tomorrow to start setting up. I have learned a ton by reading this forum the last few days, and I have some questions if anybody wants to take a crack at them. I will document the build on this thread also, first pics coming tomorrow!

Sumps-- I didn't have one on the cube. Which do I buy? I have been looking at the compact liferefugium II, mostly because it does not use socks, and it is a 1 stop shop that should have pretty much everything I need to get it plumbed. The socks seems like a pain in the neck to me. Are socks necessary? Does anybody have one of these, and if so, how do you like it? I know it is pretty large for a 90, but that is a good thing!

Sump media- definitely want some chaeto. If I understand the theory behind it correctly, it reduces the green hairy in the DT? Yes? What about other media? LR/LS? Bioballs? Dry rock rubble? Mud? Other?

After reading several of the build threads, I noticed that nobody had used LR/LS. Why not? I used both in my cube, and it worked very well. Please tell me the reason that I should or not use LR/LS. I actually like the look of a DSB, and it seemed to help immensely with the cycling to have those critters working compared to all my FW tanks that had cycled previously. Please comment.

The tank itself has a clear back. I don't want a clear back, but black. What kind of paint sticks best?

Lights.... Man, things have really changed since I took down the cube. Did LED lights for reefs even exist back then? T5's? I am no engineer, and reading spectrums looks like Chinese to me. What is the best light for A) making corals thrive, B) making them beautiful, and C) is energy efficient? A combo of several? What has worked best for you?

That should do it for starters, thanks for any advice you may have!