View Full Version : Coral Beauty and Green Mandarin in 29g Biocube

05/21/2017, 08:56 PM
Hi all!

I'm new to this forum and have a couple of questions regarding my two fish in my 29g biocube. Here is some background info that may (or may not) be relevant: I've had my buocube for about 5 months and it was filled with live rock and sand from a 35 gallon well established tank that I got from a friend. I have Xenia (had since the beginning), Duncan (had for about a month), leather (had fir about a week), yellow colony polys (had since the beginning), and an unidentifiable coral that popped up about 1 month after I got the 35 gal from my friend. I added a coral beauty and a serpent starfish 5 days ago and a green Mandarin two days ago. I decided to add the fish after seeing an insane amount of pods all over my tank with good ammonia/nitrite/nitrate levels.

I've read about the difficulty of keeping mandarins in smaller tanks due to their need for a constant supply of pods or baby brine shrimp. My question is this: im planning on converting my 35 gallon tank into a two compartment pod/brine culture to ensure I don't run out of food for my Mandarin. Do y'all think this will work? Also, Do y'all think he will run out of food and starve before I can get the cultures established? Should I supplement with store bought pods until I have a good supply from my cultures?

Sorry if I left anything out, I'm new to this great hobby! Thanks in advance!