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05/22/2017, 09:46 AM
I have come a long way with my 28g jbj nano cube but one problem i keep having is red algae growth. I have poly filter in my filter tray and i also have chemi elite hanging in the one open chamber in my tank . I have tested my water and the nitrates , nitrites are untraceable,the ph is 8.1 and the kh is 240 to 250. My calcium is a little high at 500 ppm. I have a frogspawn ,candy cane, mushrooms , star polyps , button polyps and another polyp i believe its called arura and a leather. I use once a day coral smoothy. and feed brine only enough for the fish to eat three min. I have a lawnmower blenny and a clown. I also have narrius snails ,emerald green crab and red and blue leg dwrf hermit crabs along with a handful of turbo snails. What am i doing wrong ? I clean the tank with a tooth brush and a tube attached to remove the algae, but it always comes back in the sand. It doesn't get slimy though like the last time i used chemiclear and it almost killed my corals and took out all the fish in the tank.

05/22/2017, 10:30 AM
If your talking about red slime algae. You need more flow or you have dead spots where you current flow is not reaching. Try pointing a powerhead or point your returns towards that area. You take a new toothbrush and use only for the tank and scrub of the red algae or something to get it of the rock or corals. Usually red slime means dead spots from no flow.

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05/22/2017, 10:44 AM
It also usually means excess nutrients (even if you register 0 nitrates/phosphates). I'd consider cutting back on feeding, in particular the coral food. I hate coral foods, because they're generally just broadcasting nitrates across the tank. If you have great filtration, then who cares, but the minute you're having algae problems, I'd always stop that first.

You can also try bacterial competition through products like Microbacter7 or Prodibio (whatever their bacteria dose is).

I know cyano (red slime) can be a pain, but hopefully with reduced nutrients, increased flow, and regular maintenance it will go away.

05/22/2017, 05:36 PM
The flow shouldn't be the problem i have a korila 400 x 2 and then the the returns are maxi jet 1200 one up and toward the glass and the other down , then the circulation pumps one is at the top front corner and the other is at the bottom rear , i have good flow and i badly feed the corals and that was suggested by a lfs to bring back my corals after an semi crash from a sick fish .

05/22/2017, 05:37 PM
It could be flow , how do i post pics here so everyone can see my rock placement and the circulation pumps placement.