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05/22/2017, 11:46 PM
Hey, y'all! Getting back into the hobby after a 2 year hiatus during which I moved cities and settled in. Did everything (well, almost everything) wrong on my first tank so I want to correct those mistakes on this one. Gonna be doing a 90g DT with a 40 breeder sump. I'll be drilling the DT myself and going Herbie style for the overflow. Here are the preliminary plans:

Flow: 2 hydor koralia 1500's on a wave timer, plus the return (Jebao 9000).
Lighting: thinking T5's at the moment, may transition to LED's later on.

I think I'm gonna keep the sump pretty basic, definitely want a fuge chamber and a skimmer in there, not sure how I want to set up my mechanical filtration. I used to run a reef octopus on my old 55g and loved it so I will probably stick to that.

I'll be doing an aragonite sand bed and probably about 75lbs of rock. Depending on what I can find at LFS I may use live rock, or I'll use dry and seed it.

Very very early stocking ideas (tank will have screen top):
- Definitely a pair of clowns, I'm torn on what I want. I used to have two maroons and loved those hellish gluttons, but I love the look of the skunks, too. Still plenty of time to decide!
- Kole yellow eye tang
- gobies; clown, citron, etc -- no sand-sifters until way down the road
- trio of pajama cardinals
- trio of dispar anthias
- leopard wrasse
- probably a blenny of some sort, I love those weird little noodles

Coral wise it will probably be softy/LPS dominated since that is my personal taste, but I do love a good scrolling monti so we'll see.

I'll also be getting an APC battery backup power supply for this tank (because I'm paranoid) that at least the pump and probably the heater and powerheads
will be plugged into in the event of a power outage.

Anyways I have the 40 breeder and the 90 is on its way to me. I've never plumbed a tank before so wish me luck! :hmm5: However I am pretty good at building things like this and have spent hours upon hours reading and watching videos so I am pretty confident. Any and all input is appreciated! :beer:

05/23/2017, 01:56 AM
Hey good luck with your build. I'll be following along as I'm also going to set up a 90 DT with a 35G sump. Cant wait to see your progress.

05/23/2017, 11:32 AM
Thanks! Can't wait to really sink my teeth into it when the 90 gets here. :D