View Full Version : Converting 46 gallon reef to frag tank

05/23/2017, 10:15 PM
I just got back into the hobby a few months ago. Everything's looking good and healthy in my tank but I'm running out of space for corals. I dont want anything growing on my stack because this tank is only temporary until I move in 8 months and upgrade to a 120 and I don't want ricordea growing on a rock that may not be positioned the same in my new set up. I've decided it would be better to forget the display for now and just focus on creating an environment that will grow out my corals for my next tank.

Current equipment
-Full stack of rock
-Octopus 2000 hob
-Canister filter
-Korillia 60
-639w t5ho

-move all my rock to a pile at bottom of tank
-put plastic grate over rock
-all corals go on rack evenly spaced with room to grow
-I collect mostly euphillias and ricordea

1. How should I set up my powerheads? 1 below the stack the other above?

2. Is it ok to have lot of Ricordia and a lot of euphillias in same tank? Ihear that mushroom give off a toxin that inhibits the growth of euphillias. Any truth to that?

3. Curtently I have 3 white 2 blue and 1 pink light. For optimal ricordea and euphillia growth should I switch that up at all? More blue? No pink?

4. Any other recommendations?

Any input would be greatly appreciated