View Full Version : clownfish has parasites/scar on body and head

05/24/2017, 04:35 AM
so i got a designer clown fish nearly three weeks ago and its been acting like a normal fish would its just been in one corner acclimating to its sorroundings. until recently i noticed it has small red markings all along its side and three relatively large red markings on its face, they sort of protrude from his face but not sure if parasite or just bumped into rocks? i would also liek to mention how he has spent a lot more time moving slowly in one corner of the tank after i first noticed the "markings"

all parameters normal
stocked with, frogspawn, hammer coral, two zoa colonies, a tridacna clam, diamond goby, 5 hermit crabs. 5 turbo snails and a camelback shrimp