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05/26/2017, 11:47 AM
I heard from internet who say the coral banded shrimp are belong to the cleaner shrimp, i don't know if they share this ability to clean fish as well , my LFS said it's best shrimp to keep instead a skunk shrimp as they're unavailable for the moment, so i pick a small one. his now in my tank 2 day ago, he are incredible when scavenging a leftover, i also give him a canned fine artic shrimp as supplement, however he are very timid and hide in the rockwork until he saw a sinking fish pellet and will warn other fish to back off and defend a food but not try to chase or hunt them, he also seem to roam the tank at night to search a uneaten food and ignore the fish around. clown sometime seem to annoy the shrimp by steal food from him but both are not overly aggresive to each other, the shrimp just retreat with their food into the rockwork

05/26/2017, 03:05 PM
CBS are great but can be very territorial. I have a mated pair that have killed other inverts (skunk cleaners, peppermints and arrow crabs). Never seen them bother fish but they are definite scavengers and will be early on the scene if a fish dies IME.

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