View Full Version : Excellent online experience!!

05/26/2017, 07:49 PM
I'm not sure if it's allowed or not but I just received a shipment of corals from Omega Corals and let me say, that after almost 15 years in reef keeping and visiting every LFS I come across, I have never been more impressed with the customer service, packaging, and product that I received. I set up a 13 gallon nano with the intention of doing an all zoa and paly tank. I made a list of zoas that I wanted and began researching various frag packs and dealers. I ended up going with Aiden at Omega Corals. I was originally gonna order a frag pack of 6 frags of 120 polyps for $150 shipped off eBay. I am so glad I didn't. 1 zoa garden had more than that on it and I got 2. And to make things better, several of the zoas and palys on my list were on the disc. I even got 2 Utter Chaos palys! The company actually reached out to me and asked questions about what I wanted. I have never had someone care like Aiden at Omega Corals. If you order online you must try him out. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!